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Articles, posts, and comments on Hollywood, the period of the studio system, and the great classic films. Your comments and opinions are welcome.

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These pages are maintained for traditional fans of Hollywood’s Golden era, and the great Classic Films. The Palace has been in existence since 1995, and is one of the most frequented places of its kind on the Web.


The Pawnshop is one of the four outstanding shorts Chaplin was to make for the Mutual Company. This one is famous for its celebrated scene where the Tramp demolishes a clock he is supposed to expertly inspecting and repairing.

arrowRico's End

Edward G. Robinson never got the Oscar he so richly deserved, noting especially his chilling performance as Wolf Larsen in The Sea Wolf, a pity! He must be regarded as one America’s finest film actors.

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Enduring, thoroughly professional star who, despite her share of wicked or malignant characters, Barbara Stanwyck remained one of America’s most-loved screen personalities.

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It considers everything from the low budget, independent Race movies of Oscar Micheaux to major studio productions. It’s a tribute to a very misunderstood, and mysterious film genre that lasted for over forty years.

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The B movie was a direct response by Hollywood to the falling cinema audiences of the early Depression years.

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There’s a pitch in baseball called a screwball, which was perfected by a pitcher named Carl Hubbell back in the 1930s. It’s a pitch with a particular spin that sort of flutters and drops, goes in different directions, and behaves in very unexpected ways, Screwball comedy was unconventional, went in different directions, and behaved in unexpected ways.

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The photographs have nothing whatsoever to do with Classic films, but I thought you might enjoy them.