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Though movies and history are rarely referred to in the same context, they are a fitting compliment to one another. I found a remarkable connection with history and the great classic films. However, as they say; they don't make them the way they used to. With the exception of Steven Spielberg’s, “Empire of the Sun”, and “Schindler’s List”, most filmmakers today have little regard for historical facts. It’s a shame that an entire generation of young americans will come to know history by way of the proclivities of an Oliver Stone, or worse Ken Burns. For more information on movies, and film history, select one of my film pages described below.

“tell me, how did you love the picture”, Sam Goldwyn, 1939

I like almost all types of music, but mostly I like jazz, real jazz. I like classical, and American music, and my choice for composer is Aaron Copland. I like Verdi’s, “Rigoletto” and Puccini’s, “Tosca”. Renee Fleming is my favorite soprano. Did you know that Jimmy Dorsey and Igor Stravinsky were a great influence on Charlie Parker? Count Basie’s piano style was preferred to Duke Ellington’s. Miles Davis was the son of an East St. Louis dentist.

“to be or not to bop”, Dizzy Gillespie, 1979

As for fiction films, “The Thin Man, The Grapes of Wrath, Double Indemnity”, and the films of Howard Hawks, are among my favorites. I am especially fond of the American style, Film Noir. The master, Chaplin, the Screwball Comedies of the thirties, and the sophisticated works of Neil Simon are all among my choices for comedy. Though I admire Bergman, Truffaut, and Fellini, I prefer domestic films. I suppose that means that I can never truly be considered a film “connoisseur”? My pick as the top contemporary filmmaker is Woody Allen. My vote for the best film of all time, “The Godfather”.

“marry me, and i’ll never look at another horse”, Groucho Marx, 1937

Moderntimes Classic Film Pages…

The Palace: The Palace has been in existence since 1995, and is one of the most frequented places of its kind on the Web. Here you will find hundreds of images, and original articles about Hollywood and the great classic films.

Rico's End: A tribute to the great Edward G. Robinson. In Caesar Enrico Bandello, Robinson created the prototype for the modern American movie gangster. For the wonderful memories he gave me, this page if dedicated.

Ball of Fire: Barbara Stanwyck, be it the sophisticated Screwball comedies, the turgid dramas, or the shadow filled Film Noirs, for more than five decades Barbara Stanwyck strode above her peers, and was subordinate to no one.

The Great Bs: The B movie was a direct response by Hollywood to the falling cinema audiences of the early Depression years. Where previously audiences had paid to see a single feature supplemented with shorts and cartoons, they were now treated to a second, the low-budget B.

Midnight Ramble: Midnight Ramble concerns Black Hollywood from the period just after World War I through the 1940’s. It considers everything from the low budget, independent Race movies of Oscar Micheaux to major studio productions. It’s a tribute to a very misunderstood, and mysterious film genre that lasted for over forty years.

Screwball Comedy: It may be the essence of all American comedy. It’s nuts, it’s illogical, it’s impossible, and it’s hilarious. It’s also abundant with endless comic variations, opened to unexpected solutions, and primarily grounded in danger.

My Photographs: This is a collection of some of my favorite photographs. They express my thoughts and style. You may like them.

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