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My Latest Article

The End of the Saturday Serial

Having already witnessed the demise of pulp fiction in literature and the delightful days of the great radio adventure, it was another minor traumatic experience to watch the movie Serial fade into obscurity. After more than forty years of continuous production. No longer would anxious youths run to their favorite theater to watch bigger-than-life heroes tackle the champions of evil…


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Selected Film Images…

Film Noir
Illustrating the great American style

Nineteen Twenties
Images from the Great Silent era

Nineteen Thirties
The Great Depression and, Hollywood's peak years

Nineteen Forties
World War II, and the extraordinary Post-War period

Nineteen Fifties
The decline and fall of the crumbling studio system

Additional Pages…

Classic Film Pages

Screwball Comedy
A definition of the Classic genre

Rico's End
A Ttribute to Edward G. Robinson

Ball of Fire
For the great Barbara Stanwyck

Midnight Ramble
The American Negro in early Hollywood

Charles Chaplin
Images and commentary on some key Chaplin films

The Bees
The magic of the second feature

Recommended Links…

A Tribute to Humphrey Bogart
The Best Bogart page on the Web

Carol Lombard
Another beautiful Mary Murphy site

A Pretty Grim Life, Actually
Cool article on Frank Capra

Viv and Larry Dot Com
Kendra's beautiful site, celebrating Vivien Leigh, and Laurence Olivier

Preston Sturges
The Official Site, extremely cool

Alec Guinness
Mary Murphy's tribute

Film Noir Studies
All you need to know about the classic American genre

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